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As we mentioned, bet365 are one of the biggest online bookmaker companies in the world for 2013 and 2014, with offices in Gibraltar and Australia and pays much attention to advertising and commercials. The company is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling commission for sports and financial betting while the license for poker, casino and bingo activities is granted by the government of Gibraltar.

With such rich portfolio, bet365 surely need a world wide advertising campaign to promote their great new and current offers.

Samuel L. Jackson – The Face of bet365 in Australia

Hiring one of the best known actors will surely secure you success? Well, not really. bet365 chose their face for the new Australian market to be Samuel Jackson, which we all know from movies such as Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained. The British bookmaker entered the Australian market in February 2011 and started transacting with customers on 25th June 2012. Meanwhile, the company obtained a license from the Northern Territory government. What followed was a real disaster, with estimated loss of $36.2 Million for their first year on the market.



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The company’s management reacted to the failure to claim a major spot on the market by stating they were thinking on the profit in a long-term plan.

In the commercial video which was launched on the ABC1 channel Samuel L. Jackson introduced viewers to the “worlds biggest betting company”, which, as it later turned out, was not the biggest referring to the Australian market. The main line in the add was “They do great odds on a massive range and guess what? bet365 is now based in Australia.” The company, which is one of the leaders in the online booking industry, is behind its competitors from Sportsbet and Sportingbet in Australia, despite holding 18% of the online betting market in the United Kingdom.

For example, Sportsbet, which is owned by the UK giant Paddy Power, had a revenue of over $261 million for the past year.

As one of the biggest bookmakers company in the world, it is commendable that bet365 has not lost their desire to grow and develop new markets, despite already having over 6 million customers in 200 countries. But let us not forget the home country of the company – Great Britain.

 Ray Winstone and Betting in the UK

Bet365 have concentrated their efforts in the UK market mainly in the sports betting area. Their last campaign includes Ray Winstone who gives certain tips and odds regarding the outcome of a match, mainly in the Premier League. The adverts take place in the break between the two halves and represent mainly certain odds on which you can place your bet on. The odds are accurate as of 30 seconds before broadcasting the commercial and are subject to change. Of course, if you want to place a bet you should fulfill some specific conditions which are fully explained on the bet365 website. The given odds serve like tips and not like statement that this is a real prediction. If you would want to participate in this campaign, you should, of course, have a valid account and to be familiar with the conditions of the live commercial. Yes, you heard right. The video commercial that you watch every time in the break of the game is live and the odds you see are accurate as of 30 seconds before broadcasting. The so-called tips are absolutely free, but yet again do not take the odds like they guarantee you a sure profit.

For now, unfortunately, this type of live tips and commercials are only available only for sports betting, and more specifically, football bets. That means we have bad news for bet365 clients who like to place a bet or two on horse racing or some other sport. Surely, placing a bet on football games is not the same as betting on horse racing or other sports, but after all, football is the most popular sport worldwide and is something like religion in Great Britain, so it should not surprise that Ray Winstone advertises the latest football tips on some British channels.

We have great news for all clients that tend to use their mobile phone or tablet more often than their personal computer. You can take advantage of the current bet365 advertising campaign and place a bet directly from your mobile device, so that you will not miss the lucrative bet you have been waiting for.

An older advertising campaign of bet365 and Channel 4 aired in 2009. The 60 seconds advert played minutes before the major horse race of the day and displayed live odds which are relayed directly from the betting firm’s website.

This, you can say, was the prototype of the Ray Winstone’s commercial, which was born a couple of years later. The collaboration between bet365 and Channel 4 is thought to have been very successful, something that might have encouraged bet365 to further extend the idea of live bets with including a well-known British actor like Ray Winstone. The choice for picking Channel 4 as a place for advertising is not random at all. From 2013, Channel 4 will be the only British channel to broadcast horse racing. Its 87 race days in 2013 will include the Cheltenham Festival, the Grand National, the Investec Derby Festival, Royal Ascot, Glorious Goodwood and the entire British Champions Series.

As you know, horse racing is picking more and more betting fans who will like to gamble on horses, which makes the decision of the bookmaker to enter this not so familiar market, very wise.

 Bet365 Commercials and Problems with the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency

Betting on horse races is very fun and can be profitable, but sometimes, in order to attract more new customers, bookmakers take a course in their advertising campaign in the media that is not fully understood. The online and television versions of the advert promoted a “Free Bet Offer” from the company for horseracing on UK commercial broadcaster Channel 4 which appeared not to be fully true. Complainants challenged whether the claims of “free bets” were misleading as customers were required to stake their own money from their account if they want to make a free bet. bet365 said “free bet” is standard in the industry and a term that customers are comfortable with. The company said that significant conditions relating to the offer were accessible via a drop-down menu on the website in order to make it clear to customers what should be done in order the requirements for a free bet to be met.

Despite all the required information was easy accessible, the Advertising Standards Agency have decided to ban the latest bet365 video commercial in the media with the explanation that it was misleading to most of the betting enthusiasts. In the end the Advertising Standards Agency ruled that the commercial should not appear again in its current form and informed the bookmaker that they should not claim they are offering a free bet if there is no free element at all in their offer.

 Bet365 – an Evolving Company That Will Like to Keep it That Way

It is definitely not easy to be one of the best in the gambling industry, especially when the company is founded less than 20 years ago and it is even more difficult to remain in that position. That is exactly what bet365 are trying to do. Their online and media commercials are trying to extend their number of customers and to show they really want to extend their position in the gambling world. Hiring a world class actor like Samuel L. Jackson for a commercial really shows that bet365 try to keep it up with the best. Despite not being fully successful, the media campaign in Australia, with the star being Samuel Jackson, showed that the British bookmaker has not stopped evolving and is constantly researching new markets.

Things with the British commercials of bet365 do not look so bright either. Ray Winstone is a great actor, and man of the people, but somehow, despite the commercials only displaying available odds for a certain match, current and new customers of bet365 have not reacted well, claiming their favourite actor makes them lose money.

On the whole, bet365, as one of the biggest online bookmakers not only in the UK, but in the world, are constantly trying to expand their influence in the gambling world. Whether by attractive commercials or by lucrative bonuses, bet365 have a bright future and the fact they are searching for new ways to fulfill that speaks for itself.

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