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Royal Ascot is part of the renowned racecourse that is located in Britain, Berkshire area. The reputable racecourse is among the leading ones in the country; it hosts 13 of the United Kingdom’s 36 Group 1 horse races that are held annually.

Royal Ascot and the British Royal Family

The British royal family has closely connected to The Royal Ascot and the distance between the race track and the renowned Windsor Castle is six miles. The Royal Ascot is the main element of the racecourse’s calendar; Queen Anne founded it in 1711 and members of Britain’s royal family attend annually. The royal family grandly arrives at the event with a royal procession which includes carriages that are drawn by horses.

Royal Ascot and Fashion

That is normally a major social event in Britain’s calendar of social events and the press coverage is normally enormous. Ironically the fashion that revolves around the event is covered more than the race events that are held on the actual racecourse. Guests and other people who attend the prestigious week-long event wear elaborate and beautiful hats that dot the events skyline.

Royal Ascot’s Enclosures

The people who attend Royal Ascot visit three enclosures which include: Queen Anne Enclosure, The Royal Enclosure, and The Village Enclosure. However, the grandest enclosure is The Royal Enclosure which is normally restricted and is protected by high security. Access to this enclosure is highly secluded to applicants who have the membership. Applicants must send their bids to the office of the enclosure in order to gain membership.

Moreover, individuals who have badges have the opportunity of getting an invitation from Her Majesty; their names are written on that badge and it’s only them that can use them to access the Royal Enclosure. Those in this enclosure get the opportunity of going to various selected bars and getting fine hospitality and dining. The colours of the badges are different for the daily applicants; the Royal Enclosure has a restricted dress code that should be strictly adhered to by the attendees.

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Main Race of the Programme

The prestigious event features great horse races. One of the main races is The Gold Cup. Other key races are the Queen Anne Stakes, St. James’s Palaces Stakes, Royal Hunt Cup, Royal Ascot Ladies Day, and Coronation Stakes among others. Unfortunately, The Royal Ascot was closed down for renovations in 2005 and the Royal Meet was done in York Racecourse.


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